How can Marriages survive after children


After marriage, children are the next most awaited thing in the list of newly-wed couples. However, there are many changes that happen between the couple when a child is born.

Parents start talking about diapers, strollers and car-seats. Conversations that were once full of gossips and feelings change to parent-like discussions.

The wife/mother goes through hormonal changes, mood swings, sleep deprivation along with sagging, painful breast. She becomes the ‘on call’ parent that has to get up in the middle of the night to answer the demands of her child.

I agree that children are the most-rewarding joys of marriage but it may also lead to being neglected of their husbands that may lead to further complications in the marriage.

 How should this be solved?

1- Couples need to work together to make their marriage work!

The husband should be more sympathetic and easy with his wife. On the other hand, the wife should take care of her husband’s needs and respond to him when he needs her. They should also give gifts to one another.


2- Both should groom themselves.

The couple should dress up every day and be presentable for their partner.

3- Go on dinner/Date alone!!

They should plan midnight dinners or date with their spouse. They do not have to leave their house if they have small children. The aim is to spend quality time with one another to rekindle the love they had.

4- Think positive about one another.

Occasionally there are times when one spouse thinks negatively about their better-half and this can harm their relationship. The partner should think of all the good qualities of their spouse that made them fall of them in the first place. Also, they should recall good memories to feel love for their partner.

5- Start loving yourself!

After having a baby, mothers usually forget themselves and give full attention to their children. It’s true that babies exhaust us but that doesn’t mean we neglect ourselves for a tiny baby. Start doing what you love to do. It can be reading a book, going to the parlor for manicure/pedicure or just watching your favorite movie. If you start loving yourself, you will be able to take care of your child as well as your spouse.


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