The Mind: Master or Slave


Our minds are filled with billions of thoughts roving in our heads. We give trivial thoughts such importance that they become embedded in our behaviors, actions and words. We are slaves of our own minds. Whether you accept it or not!!

The mind is like a muscle, its ought to be submissive.

We waste so much time being melancholy and downhearted by our thoughts that we fail to enjoy the good moments of life. Our untrained mind is accustomed to look at the negative side.  Daniel Beaty says “The mind is an untrained child you got to teach what to do”.  We must train our minds to think what we allow it to think. The mind is like a muscle, its ought to be submissive.  Once we master our minds, wonderful things start to happen. We start to challenge ourselves and break those imagery boundaries we always felt bounded to.  We experience the unexpected and trust me, it’s a wonderful feeling.


Any change is possible, it only requires a starting point. So how can we discipline our minds?  Below are few strategies that I have been practicing for a month now. I had started doing these practices thinking that one day I will have my own blog and today here I am sharing it with all of you. 🙂


  • First acknowledge the undesirable thoughts that enter your mind. Self-knowledge is the key to self-dominance. Replace every negative thought with an optimistic one. Think of all the blessings you have. Start being cheerful and smile. You will instantly feel better.
  • Take a moment of silence and sit for few minutes every day. This would be better if you have greenery around you. If not, just sit on your sofa and close your eyes.
  • Think about all your dreams and desires. Everybody has a dream to became successful. Imagine yourself as that successful person you always dreamed about. Self-imagery is the key to true prosperity. The more you think about it, the sooner its ought to happen.
  • Be an Exceptional!



6 thoughts on “The Mind: Master or Slave

  1. Jill says:

    Love this post. You give great actionable steps for clearing the negative out of our heads. It’s the law of attraction – thinking positive and successful thoughts will attract all the things to help you manifest the best life.


  2. lazygirlloves says:

    Loved reading this post. Ive never thought about the brain being a submissive before but then again muscle memory is a strong thing to override. I must keep pushing for the positive mindset I desire 🙂


  3. Anni Raj says:

    Great topic. Your words “Any change is possible” shows how much you have experienced it. Gratitude practise and The law of attraction explained in a wonderful way.
    Law of attraction is a powerful force as real as the law of gravity.It’s working at all times.


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