Who is Your Hero?

We all have heroes who we look up at, who we admire, who we want to become like when we grow older. At a younger age, we create our own ideals and strive to became like them. Having an ideal isn’t wrong, it keeps you focused towards your goal. But have you ever thought about being your own hero?


My question is WHY NOT?

You can become a better vision of yourself only if you strive hard for it. People study others to become wise but few study themselves to become enlightened (Robin Sharma). I wrote an article about how to control your thoughts in The Mind: Master or Slave. When unwelcoming thoughts turn into uplifting ones, you have already taken the first step to self-mastery.

Life is not about doing the daily chores, cooking and taking care of the baby, its about making a difference.

Self-knowledgeable people are aware of their goals in life. It is not doing the daily chores, cooking and taking care of the baby, its about making a difference.  It is about having a purpose in life and a passion a fulfill those desires. We all want to do extraordinary things with our lives but there are very few who stand up and do it.  Self-knowledge is the essence to self-contentment. For example, if you want flawless skin, don’t just say it but do something about it. Write it down in a book with a deadline attached to it. Research about the products that might suit your skin. Wear homemade masks and work on it regularly. I can guarantee that the moment you reach your deadline, you will already have reached your goal.

It is a simple philosophy: Learn to know yourself.

This is just one example about the goals you may have. It is a simple philosophy: Learn to know yourself.  Have a personalized journal where you write about your dreams, hopes, desires and strengths. Live your life with more zest. Stay focused about what you want to achieve in life.  Be your own Hero!!

IMG_1434 (1)

 This is the beginning of my transformation. When do you start yours?

4 thoughts on “Who is Your Hero?

  1. Claudia Inspired by World says:

    Wow! Before I started reading your post, I asked myself Who is my Hero? And the first thing came to my mind was my mother, but then I said myself. Why not. I have accomplished a lot of things in my life, and I’m proud of them. I work every day on becoming a better person, and I’m happy with who I am. Great post! I wanted to pin it, but you don’t have Pinterest, so I shared it on Twitter. 😉


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