Istanbul: Where East Meets West

Istanbul is the only city that connects Asia and Europe together through its famous Bosphorus bridge. Istanbul resides in Turkey and has some wonderful attractions that you should visit. I visited turkey two days before New Year’s Eve (it was something different that we usually do every year). It was a good change. Although the Internet is filled with its top attractions and details about them. I am writing to give first-hand details and opinions about the place.

1. Blue Mosque

Its also known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. It is famous for its blue tiles that cover its walls in the interior. It’s a beautiful site to visit. The area outside the mosque is filled with greenery along with many benches for its visitors to sit and admire the whole place.

blue mosque.jpg

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2. Hagia Sophia

It is one of the iconic places to visit in Istanbul. This museum was initially a cathedral then a mosque and now serves both as a museum. It has mosaics, imperial portraits, images of Christ as well as monograms of the four Caliphs from the Islamic religion on the pillars of the apse.

hagia sophia.jpghagia sophia inside.jpg

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3. Topkapi Palace

It is the largest museum in Istanbul. It is famous for its architecture and history. It holds great importance for the Muslim community. This museum resides old scriptures and Islamic Sacred Relics in the various courtyard of the palace.


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4. Grand Bazaar

It’s the longest and the oldest market in Istanbul that has over 4000 shops for tourists to visit and enjoy.


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5. Taksim Square

It is one of the famous and expensive streets in Istanbul. It has many hotels and restaurants It has all the branded shops like Mac and Sephora. One of the things I really miss about that place is its Kizilkayalar Hamburger. They are extremely soft and yummy to eat. it’s a must-try food while walking on that street.

Wet-Burger-3-2 Wet-Burger2-2

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6. Hafiz Mustafa

It is a famous café that serves all sorts of desserts and sweets. It has a lovely atmosphere and great Turkish food. It is also on of the must-go places while visiting Istanbul.

hafiz mustafa.jpg

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7. Bosphorus Bridge



While sitting on the bus to Asia Istanbul

This is the famous bridge that connects the Asia to Europe. You can go between the two continents either by bus or ferry. It is a lovely sightseeing experience.

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8. Kartepe Ski Center

It is on top of the mountain where you can enjoy skiing and eating at its finest restaurant on the top. The best way to get here is to go with the local tour guides.


on the top.png

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bus.pngcable car.png

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These were just a few of the places I could go during my three days stay in Istanbul. I hope it motivated you to visit the place yourself :). If you have any queries/ comment please let me know.



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