Dubai: City Walk

Dubai is famous for its glitzy attractions and iconic architecture like Burj Al Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Dubai Frame among many others. Even though I was born and bought up here, I can never get enough of this place. It always leaves me in awe with its beauty and allurement. Dubai is Home. 

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City Walk

This weekend we visited City Walk for our anniversary dinner date. It was exquisite. We were stick in traffic for forty minutes to get to our destination. But it was worth it!! It has literally ALL the branded shops from makeup to clothing to Saloon and Spa’s. Everything. It also has a dining area with various restaurants and cafes.

It has a peaceful water foundation with real-life trees and beaches for visitors to sit and relax after a hard-day.

water fall

City walk is one of the kind with Graffiti’s on its every wall. Famous street artists like Nick Walker have left their mark in the most famous district in Dubai.


Children can enjoy themselves at Mattel Play! Town or visit The Green Planet. Who doesn’t want to see a rain forest in the middle of a desert? The place is home to over 3000 animals and plants including butterflies, birds, and snakes.


Mattel Play! Town


The Green Planet

Have you ever thought of visiting Turkey in Dubai? Now City Walk makes it possible. You can talk a walk through Hareem Al Sultan Red carpet. Hareem Al Sultan is a famous Turkish TV serial that won many hearts through its performance and story-line. You can have a look their original costumes and famous moments shared on the show.


It is one of the must-go places if your visiting Dubai. You can’t miss this!!

To-do Things in City Walk: Summary

  1. Luxury Shopping.
  2. Dinning.
  3. Famous attractions like Street Art and Water foundation.
  4. Mattel Play! town and The Green Planet
  5. Hareem Al Sultan Exhibition

City Walk Details

images (9)  City Walk Dubai 

download (2)  10:00 AM – 12:00 AM

1832-200Al Safa street, Al Wasl, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Link:  Directions 

phone-auricular_318-32228.jpg +971 (0)4 317 3999


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