Being a Mom

Motherhood is a lifetime joy that comes in almost every women’s life. It comes at a cost. The journey starts from the moment we conceive. We go through so many changes from hormonal to physical. Everything.  The internet is filled with the different phrases of pregnancy and its symptoms.  Pregnancy is not really my concern here. It’s the postpartum pregnancy phrase that I really want to talk about.

Postpartum pregnancy phrase is the time after the baby is born. It’s the time when the mother is more exhausted then every before. It’s the time when she will become foreign to you. It’s the time when all she needs is an understanding spouse (I am very lucky to have that). Its the time when her needs are neglected the most. Postnatal period lasts for six weeks. If it goes beyond that, it needs help. We should all acknowledge that postpartum phrase is strenuous. It effects can be perennial. what-is-postpartum-depression-and-how-do-i-deal-with-it-1.jpg

Postnatal symptoms are:

  • Baby Blues/Postnatal Depression: Baby Blues is when the mum feels moody, sad, frustrated, tired or anxious. This starts within a day or two after you delivered the baby and can last for a few days. If you feel your anxious, worried, panicking, or loathing the baby, you are going through postnatal depression that needs help. It would be judgmental to say that mothers can not ‘detest’ their child, it happens to many mothers for so many reasons. We need to accept that faster to cure it than accuse her for feeling way.
  • Suicidal thoughts: This is true!! Many mothers want to harm themselves or their baby and this is an extreme case of postnatal depression.
  • Severe Headache: This starts almost right delivery. It causes blurry vision and vomiting. This can even continue for up-to six months.
  • Insomnia: Its when you feel sleep-deprived and tired of getting up every 2 hours.
  •  De Quervain’s tenosynovitis (DQ): Its when the area around your wrist and thumb became incapable of functioning. It causes the tendons near the thumb area around the wrist to swollen causing extreme pain and discomfort. (I suffer from it in and have been injected 5 times on both hands).

There is more to the list than what I have written but that doesn’t matter. What matters is to support a mum today. Enlighten her. Take care of the baby for a few hours and let her breathe. Give her a break to be herself.

No baby is ever a burden to their mother. It is just the hardest job with no vacation.             -MM

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10 thoughts on “Being a Mom

  1. wingsandstrokes says:

    I guess its so important to encourage and appreciate Mothers to keep them going and to make them feel loved! ❤ They have the hardest job in the world

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  2. Angela Maria says:

    I’ve always looked at my mom or my friends with kids and really commended their strength. I don’t know how you all do it, it isn’t easy. Being a mom is tough.

    Liked by 1 person

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