The Moment!

Have you ever heard of the word “YOLO (You Only Live Once)? it’s a common phase used by many teenagers to express themselves by ‘living in the moment’.  Happy people live their lives as if it were their last day. They want to do anything and everything. As we grow older, we are so caught up in our daily routines we forget to live in the moment. We forget YOLO. We forget that cherish the little things in life over the big treasures that are still a long way.


What is the use of a life where you don’t have time for your family? Don’t fool yourself that when you have this much wealth or have a big house, you will have time for them. Live in the moment. Give them your love and attention when they need it the most. Take out time for your children when they are younger. Live their childhood. Get to know them. “To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.” (Barbara Johnson).


Little S in his favorite place!

Family is a blessing. Yes, they really are!! Don’t take them for granted. Be thankful for everything. If you have a place to stay, give thanks. If you can eat three meals a day, give thanks. If you can easily call home and speak to your parents, give thanks. Live in the moment. Be Thankful. Because there is always someone out there who is hoping to live your life while you don’t live yours.



4 thoughts on “The Moment!

  1. jesusbrainz says:

    This is an awesome encouraging post. It’s true that we usually forget to live in the moment, but life is too short to let the days just pass by without making them memorable. YOLO!


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