It’s the Mother’s Fault

Children become ill – Mother’s Fault

Children misbehave – Mother’s Fault

Children watch YouTube – Mother’s Fault

Children using mobile phones/iPad’s – Mother’s Fault

Children don’t gain weight- Mother’s Fault

Children don’t meet parent’s expectations – Mother’s Fault

Children do something wrong – Mother’s Fault

 Sounds familiar?

The list is endless where the society always blames the mother for her child’s actions. They can go on without realizing what the mother goes through in every phase of parenting. It is very easy to point fingers but exhaustive when you’re in their shoe. Is it always the mother’s fault? The father has no role? The father doesn’t get any blame? No matter how much he spoils the child, it’s the Mother’s Fault. That is unfair. Just because she gave birth doesn’t mean she has to carry the burden of all the wrongs of her children. She is doing the hardest job in the world. Appreciate that. Respect that. Give her a break.


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