Parenting: Is it only the mother’s job??

“He even changes the diaper??”

“OMG, look he is making his son eat food!!”

“He changes the clothes AND makes his son sleep??!!”

“Man, his wife is a magician!! He was never like that before.”

“I hope he gets a break from his babysitting duties!”

Seems familiar? I have heard these and even more from people who get shocked when my husband helps me taking care of my son. From singles to married couples to the elderly, they all make a laugherstock of my husband.

We live in a society where the male is believed to be strict, disciplined, breadwinner and controller. They have became robots of money-making. When the father comes home from a ‘hard’ day at work, he should get peace in the house and the children should mind their own business. The mother should be quiet and obedient. Her sole duty is cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children. This happens mostly in the eastern part of the world. According to them, when my husband is ‘babysitting’, he is going against his manliness.


Even in the 21th century, we have the mindset of the stoneages!!

Firstly, a helper may ‘babysit’ or do his ‘job’. A father does parenting. It is an essential part of building the child’s character. He is not doing anything extraordinary. So if you didnt do it, shame on you!! You have missed the biggest milestone development of your child. You are no where in their memories and you are nothing but a money-making machine for them!!

Break the stereotype and help your wife. Forget about ‘log kya kahenge’ (what will the society say). All they can do is talk!!

And if next time you see a parent taking care of his child, appreciate him.

Anyone can be a father, but it takes time, effort and loads of love to become “a super dad❤️”

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