Hi, I am MM and this is my personal blog. I am a parent of naughty ‘Little S’ and I want to share this journey of parenthood with all of you 🙂

See, I know parenthood is never easy. It just keeps getting harder by the day. That’s what Mamameeya is all about.

Its about sharing family ties and making parenting less tiring. On this platform, I will share my thoughts, experiences and opinions about parenthood and childrearing. My blogs will be mostly about not losing yourself while being on this amazing journey.

Also, I will share some easy-peasy recipes that can be done in no time while you’re in the kitchen and that little one sleeps.

I can’t promise that life will eventually became easy with a toddler, but I can assure you that my blogs will make you feel like you are doing the world’s best job!!

Please share/like/comment if you like anything that you feel has made a difference in your life.

Also, you can email me if you just want to say Hi.

Email id: mamameeya29@gmail.com